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MAY 2021

Protect access control systems from hackers

No hackers!

By Scott Lindley
General Manager, Farpointe Data

As seen on Hi-Tech Security Solutions

Protecting your customers’ organisations from hackers is imperative. Threats have grown from teenage mischief-makers to sophisticated government-backed entities and, now, even advertising and analytics companies. With knowledge of what these hackers seek and the straightforward, undemanding remedies that are becoming available to thwart them, there is little reason not to incorporate basic cybersecurity into your access control solutions.

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RFID access control credentials

Spotlight: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Access Credentials

The world of credentials for RFID access control applications can be confusing. With a variety of technologies—proximity, contactless smartcard, long-range, and now mobile—form factors, security levels, read ranges, and more, it can be difficult to identify the right credential for a particular application.

To assist, Farpointe put together an informative infographic to help reduce the complexity when it comes to selecting credentials.

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