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The Five Most Important Articles from 2020

This is the time when we like to look back on the past year...and in particular, on one that was as unique as 2020! What were our partners interested in learning about? Are we communicating effectively? What were some of the top new technologies being considered? Are there issues we all need to confront?

As a manufacturing leader of premium OEM contactless identification solutions in support of the electronic access control industry, these are just a few of the questions we ask of ourselves throughout the year—especially during this time of reflection. What better place to investigate than to see which articles were favored in our monthly email-based newsletter, The Reader? It might interest you to know that The Reader is provided to a global audience of literally thousands of industry professionals. That's a large number of expert practitioners interested in RFID applied to access control!

Here are the five 2020 articles that you and your fellow readers of The Reader considered the most important:

  1. (R)Evolution of Mobile Access Webinar
  2. FAQ on Conekt Mobile Credentials
  3. PIN Best Practices
  4. What Integrators Need to Know About OSDP
  5. Cloud Based Access Control

Not surprising that mobile is the leading topic, with the intrinsic touchless benefits this exciting contactless technology delivers. More surprising is perhaps the strong interest in keypad technology, including secured PIN and multi-factor access.

If you missed any of these articles, or would like to reread them, just click on the appropriate link below. And if there are topics that you might like us to cover in The Reader, simply send me an email and let me know. Please know that your consideration is appreciated.

Thank you,

Scott Lindley
General Manager, Farpointe Data

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1. Webinar: The (R)Evolution of Mobile Access

Presented by Scott Pearson
Independent Sales Director

Available on YouTube

In this webinar, Farpointe reviews how mobile access credentials are a direct result of the evolution of access control reader and credential technologies and designed to offer convenience and security.

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FAQ on Mobile Credentials

2. FAQ on Mobile Credentials

Mobile technology in access control applications is a growing trend, and integrators are well positioned to take advantage of its benefits. Secure data transfer, end-user convenience, support for multiple formats, and flexible system compatibility all combine to provide a wealth of opportunities for integrators.

Our FAQ on Mobile Credentials provides some guidance on mobile credentials and their use in access control.

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PIN Best Practices Reference Document

3. PIN Best Practices for Secure Access Control

Today, the use of PINs—widely used everywhere from alarm panels to banking to telephones—is becoming more common in EAC applications. Security is a main reason. The threat of card cloning may be negated by the use of secret PINs, which are only known by the user. In reality, while PINs have the ability to significantly enhance access control security, they are only as safe as the vigilance of the user.

We put together a PIN Best Practices Reference Document to assist building owners, facility managers, and end-users with the proper management and thoughtful implementation of PIN codes.

Download Now

4. What Security Integrators Need to Know About OSDP

The Open Supervised Device Protocol importantly offers the option of secured communications between reader and controller.

By Shep Sheppard
Key Accounts Sales Manager, Farpointe Data

As seen on Security Sales & Integration

The Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) is a communications protocol nurtured by a Security Industry Association (SIA) consortium, consisting of some of the smartest individuals from the security industry. Their initial intent was to create a protocol for communications between electronic access control (EAC) devices, such as readers and controllers. It was also created for deployments that require higher security such as government, data facilities and drug manufacturing programs.

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5. 3 Reasons You Should Be Offering Cloud-Based Access Control

Cloud-based access control can make life easier for both the security integrator and the end user, as well as open up new markets and opportunities to integrators.

By Karyn Hodgson
Managing Editor, SDM Magazine

As seen in SDM Magazine

To understand how cloud-based access control can help boost your business, you first have to define what it is—and what it isn’t. While cloud-based "as-a-service" business models are beginning to proliferate across the security industry, when it comes to access control, the terms "hosted" and "managed" seem to be more common; and while these can be cloud-based, they are not necessarily the same thing as cloud-based Access Control as a Service.

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