Farpointe Raises Bar of Mobile Credential Convenience

Update to CONEKT® Wallet App enables Touchless Activation of mobile access credentials.

San Jose, Calif., USA - February 27, 2023 – Farpointe Data, the access control industry's OEM for RFID readers and credentials, announced today the most recent update to its Conekt Wallet App—for iOS- and Android-based smartphones—enhances the user experience through a new Touchless Activation feature. Touchless Activation allows a select mobile credential to automatically activate when in range of a supported Conekt mobile-ready reader. This functionality improves convenience for users making use of mobile technology in access control.

To enable Touchless Activation in the Conekt Wallet App, users will first...

  1. Switch on Touchless Activation in the app’s Menu settings.
  2. Assign “Favorite” status to one mobile access credential in the wallet app.

Once the new feature is activated, Touchless Activation will be enabled as soon as the Conekt app is opened. When the mobile device is presented within the mobile read range of a supported Conekt reader, the mobile access credential will activate automatically. By default, read range is typically about four inches (102 mm).

“This is a feature many mobile access users have requested,” explains Scott Lindley, general manager of Farpointe Data. “It represents next-level convenience in the evolution of mobile access credentials. With Touchless Activation, it is now possible for a user to launch the Conekt app on their smartphone while at home in the morning. Then, as they move throughout their office during the workday, they simply need to present their smartphone to the reader to gain access. It’s that easy.”

Once the Conekt app is launched, Touchless Activation will function for 12 hours with the Conekt app in either the foreground or background, and with the smartphone’s screen on or off. After this 12-hour period, Touchless Activation automatically disables. It can be re-enabled by simply bringing the Conekt app back into the foreground of the mobile device. This will begin a new 12-hour Touchless Activation session. Touchless Activation requires Version of the Conekt app and is supported by Conekt mobile-ready readers running Revision 8 or later.

According to Lindley, “We continually strive to remove barriers that allow security integrators to deliver their best access control deployments for their customers. Enhancing the convenience of mobile access credentials is another step forward in making Conekt the easiest-to-use mobile access ID solution on the market.” The Conekt Wallet App update is available now on the Apple® App Store for iOS-based devices and on Google Play for Android-base devices.

About Farpointe Data
Since 2003, Farpointe Data has become the trusted OEM partner for premium RFID readers and credentials—including 2.4-GHz mobile-ready, 433-MHz long-range, 13.56-MHz contactless smartcard, and 125-kHz proximity technologies—for access control professionals around the world. These specialists have come to count on Farpointe’s exacting designs, superior manufacturing, competitive prices, and excellent performance to enhance their access control systems.

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