Farpointe Data Extending Mobile Access Control Platform

Showing CONEKT® Compatible Proximity and Keypad/PIN Readers at ISC West

San Jose, Calif., USA - June 24, 2021 — Farpointe Data, the access control industry’s OEM for RFID credentials and readers, will show that access control system manufacturers, integrators and dealers will be able to provide their customers with a broadened line of Conekt smartphone mobile access control products with multiple new customer-requested reader models. On display for attendees to use at ISC West, will be a reader that combines BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) radio capability with support for 125-kHz proximity technology, Conekt compatible keypad readers with PIN (Personal Identification Number) technology and an OEM Module supporting both BLE and 13.56-MHz contactless smartcard technology.

“While typically mobile-based access control uses smartcard technology, proximity still makes up a significant proportion of the card access credentials in use around the world,” reports Scott Lindley, general manager of Farpointe Data. “In many installed locations, proximity is doing the job it has been asked. However, many organizations would like to add the no-card convenience of mobile to their systems without having to add the extra expense of switching their entire proximity solution over to the smartcard technology. With the PCR series of Farpointe’s mobile Conekt proximity readers, they now have a more economical way to do so.

“As the acronym implies, a PIN can act as a form of identification,” Lindley adds. “It can also act as a form of verification, complimenting a smartphone. This is because the PIN is something known only by the system and the user. For consumers using the smartphone and then keying in their PIN on the reader’s keypad, heightened security can therefore be based on something the user has, a smartphone, plus something the user knows, a PIN. The PIN number is essentially as secure as the vigilance of the user.”

The new Conekt keypad readers from Farpointe include a keypad that can be used to enter the PIN to create two-factor access control. This can provide stricter access to prescription drug cabinets or network server rooms. They can be installed indoors or out. Additionally, it is good security practice to consider installing keypad readers at perimeter doors, often a secured facility’s first line of defense. Farpointe’s Conekt keypad readers are ETL listed to the UL294 standard, Edition 7, US and C.

The Farpointe Conekt solution will be on display at Farpointe’s booth 5076 at the ISC West show, July 19-21, at the Sands Exposition Center in Las Vegas. Those not attending ISC West should visit the Farpointe website at www.farpointedata.com.

About Farpointe Data
Since 2003, Farpointe Data has become the OEM’s global partner for premium RFID solutions—including proximity, contactless smartcard, long-range and 2nd-generation mobile smartphone solutions—for access control professionals around the world. These specialists have come to count on Farpointe’s exacting designs, superior manufacturing, competitive prices and excellent performance to enhance their access control systems. www.farpointedata.com

Scott Lindley, Farpointe Data

Tom Brigham, Brigham Scully