Farpointe Data: Size of OSDP-Verified List Is Underappreciated

Many Vendors are OEMs with Scores of Private-Labeled Products

San Jose, Calif., USA - April 14, 2021 – Farpointe Data, the access control industry's OEM for RFID credentials and readers, today announced that, at first glance, it appears that there are just 25 devices from seven different vendors listed as OSDP verified. Although that doesn't seem like a lot, it really is. Most of these vendors, 3millID, Cypress Integration Solutions, Deister Electronics, Farpointe Data, LenelS2, Suprema, Third Millennium and WaveLynx Technologies, are OEMs having, among their customers, scores of private-labeled units.

"Not only that," states Scott Lindley, general manager of Farpointe Data, "several feature multiple products. For instance, Farpointe Data covers access control readers that include our 125-kHz proximity, 13.56-MHz contactless smart card and 2.4-GHz mobile lines, with each technology featuring many different models. So, even with this allegedly narrow list of vendors, established only in January of 2021, integrators can actually choose from a wide choice of products. They and their customers will find it easy to select units that they can integrate simply. And, I predict, this list will be quickly growing."

"The Security Industry Association's OSDP Verified mark instills confidence in integrators, specifiers and practitioners that OSDP devices will work as intended for a full range of access control use cases," says Joseph Gittens, Director of Standards for the Security Industry Association (SIA). "Third-party lab testing, a component of the verification process, ensures OSDP Verified products meet the standard's clearly defined requirements."

"If the product you are specifying carries the OSDP Verified mark, you know that the product's hardware complies," emphasizes Lindley. "If it doesn't carry it, it doesn't comply. That's true even if it's reported to be on the list for getting approved. No mark, no approval. Period."

Buyers of OSDP Verified equipment can be assured that security equipment such as card and biometric readers from one company interface easily with control panels and equipment from another manufacturer, fostering interoperability among security devices. Their new equipment will provide bi-directional communications between the access control panel and the reader. It will also make standard the option for powerful encryption in support of advanced security applications.

"Beware, just because a provider says that they have verification does not mean they do," advises Lindley. "Check the list and look for the mark. You already have many products to choose from."


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Scott Lindley, Farpointe Data

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